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Sommerfelt (Alf) (hon.)


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In Fs. Sommerfelt (1972), pp. 7–11.

Mohrmann (Christine) (comp.): Verzeichnis der wissenschaftlichen Veröffentlichungen Alf Sommerfelts.
In Fs. Sommerfelt (1972), pp. 12–17.
Bibliography 1915-1965.

Binchy (Daniel A.): Varia Hibernica: 1. The so-called ‘rhetorics’ of Irish saga.
In Fs. Sommerfelt (1972), pp. 29–38.
Argues that legal roscad and saga retoiric are one same style of prose, and criticises J. Carney's opinion of their age and origin. Includes a transcript of a fragment of ‘rhetorics’ from Táin bó Cuailnge recension I (based on LU 5423-5427), with notes and tentative translation.

Binchy (Daniel A.): Varia Hibernica: 2. Substantival dvandva-compounds in Irish.
In Fs. Sommerfelt (1972), pp. 38–41.
Identifies further examples, mostly from the law-texts.

Dillon (Myles): The uses of the preverb to in Old Irish.
In Fs. Sommerfelt (1972), pp. 42–50.

Greene (David): The responsive in Irish and Welsh.
In Fs. Sommerfelt (1972), pp. 59–72.
pp. 60-65: surveys the system of responsive in Early and Modern Irish (including Scottish Gaelic), and argues it continues an archaic state of affairs.

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In Fs. Sommerfelt (1972), pp. 94–110.

Oftedal (Magne): “Ardroil” .
In Fs. Sommerfelt (1972), pp. 111–125.
Criticises and corrects W. J. Watson and G. Henderson’s methodology for reconstructing underlying Old Norse place-names in (especially Outer Hebrides) Scottish Gaelic.

Schmidt (Karl Horst): Tocharisch und Keltisch, historisch-vergleichend und typologisch betrachtet.
In Fs. Sommerfelt (1972), pp. 195–200.
Examines morphological and syntactical features of Tocharian and Old Irish and argues in favour of complementing the historical-comparative method with typological research.

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