Études celtiques 18 (1981)
CNRS Éditions
Rev. by
Brian Ó Cuív, in Celtica 16 (1984), pp. 208-211.
Meid (Wolfgang): Zu altbritann. gnat ‘fecit” .
In ÉtC 18 (1981), p. 115.
On the prehistory of OIr. pret. gén-. Cf. L. Fleuriot, in ÉtC 15 (1976), pp. 614-615, and E. Campanile and C. Letta, in ZCP 40 (1984), pp. 55-63.

Bammesberger (Alfred): La formation de vieil-irlandais talam.
In ÉtC 18 (1981), pp. 117–119.

Lambert (Pierre-Yves): La traduction du pronom relatif latin dans les gloses en vieil-irlandais.
In ÉtC 18 (1981), pp. 121–133.
Suggests that these are represented in Old Irish by two types of construction: I. intí followed by a relative verbal form in the case of Latin restrictive relatives, and II. éside as focus of a cleft sentence in the case of Latin non-restrictive relatives.

Ó Cuív (Brian): A Middle Irish poem on Leinster dynasties.
In ÉtC 18 (1981), pp. 141–150.
beg. Clanna Bresail Bricc builid (13 qq.), from Rawlinson B 502; with English translation.

Mac Giolla Easpaig (Dónall): Noun + noun compounds in Irish placenames.
In ÉtC 18 (1981), pp. 151–163.

Watson (Alden): The king, the poet and the sacred tree.
In ÉtC 18 (1981), pp. 165–180.
Examines the nature and function of the sacred tree in the pagan Irish religious system and its relation to the social roles of king an poet.