Celtica 12 (1977)
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies
Rev. by
Édouard Bachellery, in ÉtC 16 (1979), pp. 314-317.
Johan Corthals, in ZCP 37 (1979), pp. 306-308.
Liam Mac Mathúna, in StH 17-18 (1977-1978), pp. 220-224.
Pádraig Ó Riain in Éigse 17/4 (1978-1979), pp. 562-565.
Dillon (Myles): The Irish settlements in Wales.
In Celtica 12 (1977), pp. 1–11 (= O’Donnell lecture, Oxford, 1971; prepared for publication by Rolf Baumgarten).
Baumgarten (Rolf) (ed.)

Kavanagh (Séamus): Notae Wirziburgenses.
In Celtica 12 (1977), pp. 12–18.
1. Wb. 1a6; 2. Wb. 13d27, 21b4; 3. Wb. 25a6; 4. Wb. 26d10, 26d11; 5. Wb. 16a10; 6. Wb. soscéle [masc. io-stem].

Dumville (David N.): Celtic-Latin texts in northern England, c. 1150–c. 1250.
In Celtica 12 (1977), pp. 19–49.
Discusses evidence for Latin textual material of Celtic origin from two MSS from the Cistercian abbey of Sawley (founded 1148): the first MS Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 139, the second divided between MS Cambridge, Corpus Christi College 66 and MS Cambridge, University Library Ff.1.27.

Breatnach (Liam): The suffixed pronouns in Early Irish.
In Celtica 12 (1977), pp. 75–107.

Ahlqvist (Anders): Old Irish imbúarach ‘this morning’, imbárach ‘tomorrow morning’.
In Celtica 12 (1977), pp. 108–112.

Cohen (David J.): Suibhne Geilt.
In Celtica 12 (1977), pp. 113–124.
[1.] Introduction; [2.] The tale; [3.] Origins of the tradition; [4.] Thre three sins; [5.] Appendix: [motifs with possible PIE comparative significance].

Ó Cuív (Brian): The Earl of Thomond and the poets, a.d. 1572.
In Celtica 12 (1977), pp. 125–145.
The dán leath, beg. Biaidh athroinn ar Inis Fáil, addressed by Uilliam Óg Mac an Bhaird to Aodh Ó Domhnaill, Lord of Tír Chonaill, seeking redress from Conchobhar Ó Briain (ob. 1580), Earl of Thomond, who was responsible for the hanging of a number of poets in 1572. An edition (55 qq.) with normalised spelling, translation and notes mainly from MS Bk of O’Conor Don.

Williams (N. J. A.): Eachtra Aonghuis mhic Fhirdiach.
In Celtica 12 (1977), pp. 146–170.
An edition with notes and glossary from MS TCD H 3.23, copied by Stiabhna Righis, alias Stiofán Ó Maolchraoibhe.

Mhac an Fhailigh (Éamonn): Notes on a Mayo dialect.
In Celtica 12 (1977), pp. 171–184.
Based on the tape recording of a conversation in 1968 with James Deasy at Rinn an Eanaigh near Foxford, Co. Mayo.

O’Rahilly (Cecile): Varia: 1. The bleeding of living cattle.
In Celtica 12 (1977), pp. 185–188.
Discusses the custom of using the blood of living cattle as food mentioned in Recension III of Táin bó Cuailnge.

O’Rahilly (Cecile): Varia: 2. is ann : is amlaid.
In Celtica 12 (1977), pp. 188–191.
Traces the West Munster Irish (and Scottish Gaelic) emphasizing use of is ann…‘in (actual) fact’ (= is amhlaidh…) back to Middle Irish.

O’Rahilly (Cecile): Varia: 3. cét-.
In Celtica 12 (1977), pp. 191–193.
Studies its use as intensive prefix.

O’Rahilly (Cecile): Varia: 4. óen-.
In Celtica 12 (1977), pp. 193–195.
Studies its use as intensive prefix.

O’Rahilly (Cecile): Varia: 5. dóig ám.
In Celtica 12 (1977), pp. 195–196.
ad DIL D, 304.17-24, where the phrase dóig ám ‘for, because’ (< Middle Irish conjunction dáig + emphasizing particle ám) is erroneously given under the adjective dóig.