Uhlich (Jürgen): Einige britannische Lehnnamen im Irischen: Brénainn (Brenden), Cathaír/Catháer und Midir.
In ZCP 49–50 (1997), pp. 878–897.
Postulates British derivations for three Old Irish indeclinable personal names: [1] Examines the wide array of forms extant in Hiberno-Latin and Early Irish for the name ‘Brendan’, and argues that the basic doublet EOIr. Brenden/Class. OIr. Brénainn is the result of borrowing at two levels from Brit. *brigantı̄nos; [2] argues that OIr. Cathaír < either OBrit. *katairos or OW *catair (cf. Celt. *katagros); [3] argues that OIr. Midir/Mider < either PrimW *mẹðir or OW *Medir (cf. Celt. *Medurı̄ks).



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