Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 51 (1999)
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 35 (2003), pp. 421-424.
Gerald Manning, in Éigse 34 (2004), pp. 229-233.
Maier (Bernhard): Beasts from the deep: the water-bull in Celtic, Germanic and Balto-Slavic traditions.
In ZCP 51 (1999), pp. 4–16.
Suggests that the Insular Celtic tradition of a mysterious bull living in the sea may be related to an ancient Near Eastern god of the deep whose cult, connected to fertility, spread to Northern Europe via the Mediterranean.

Schrijver (Peter): On henbane and early European narcotics.
In ZCP 51 (1999), pp. 17–45.
Discusses the etymology of OIr. Beltaine, bill, bille etc. and belletus.

O’Connell (Anne-Marie): L’oiseau surnaturel: approche narrative et figurative.
In ZCP 51 (1999), pp. 46–65.
Investigates the narrative role and function of birds in early Irish literature.

Mackey (James P.): Mythical past and political present: a case-study of the Irish myth of the sovereignty.
In ZCP 51 (1999), pp. 66–84.
Offers a discussion in the light of the philosophical discourse of R. Barthes.

Russell (Paul): Laws, glossaries and legal glossaries in early Ireland.
In ZCP 51 (1999), pp. 85–115.
Considers the legal material attested in early Irish glossaries, and studies in particular the citations from Senchas már and Bretha nemed extant in Cormac’s Glossary, arguing that groups of glossae collectae extracted from the manuscripts containing these texts intervened in its compilation.

Rankin (David): Bendacht dee agus andee fort, a ingen (Táin bó Cúalgne 2111, O’Rahilly).
In ZCP 51 (1999), pp. 116–129.
Discusses in particular the term andee, arguing that it denotes not humans but supernatural beings.

Tristram (Hildegard L. C.): The Cattle-raid of Cuailnge between the oral and the written: a research report (SFB 321, Projekt A 5, 1986–1996).
In ZCP 51 (1999), pp. 125–129.
Challenges the view that the Táin was written as a complete text in the 6th or 7th c. and advances the thesis that recension I represents the first attempt at producing a written text of the epic, which was subsequently reworked and literarised in recensions II and III.

Ó Riain (Pádraig): Rawlinson B 502 alias Lebar Glinne Dá Locha: a restatement of the case.
In ZCP 51 (1999), pp. 130–147.
Refutes the points raised by C. Breatnach in in Éigse 30 (1997), pp. 109-132 against the identity of Lebar Glinne Dá Locha with Rawlinson B 502.

Le Besco (Patrick): À propos de ZCP 38, 39: Manx.
In ZCP 51 (1999), pp. 148–159.
List of corrections to G. Broderick, Manx stories and reminiscences of Ned Beg Hom Ruy, in ZCP 38 (1981), pp. 113-194, 39 (1982), pp. 117-194.