Ériu: founded as the journal of the School of Irish Learning devoted to Irish philology and literature 54 (2004)
Royal Irish Academy
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 37 (2011), pp. 244-247.
Mac Cana (Proinsias): Ériu 1904-2004.
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 1–9.

Mac Cana (Proinsias): Praise poetry in Ireland before the Normans.
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 11–40.
Traces it to the 6th c. and argues that the shortage of examples is due to its oral character and to the refusal on the part of the scriptoria to record it, against G. Murphy (in Best2 1317). Includes fragments collected from K. Meyer 1919 (Best2 1326).

Ó Cathasaigh (Tomás): Sound and sense in Cath Almaine.
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 41–47.
Discusses the value bestowed upon the spoken word.

Repr. in Coire sois, pp. 439-446.

Baumgarten (Rolf): Creative medieval etymology and Irish hagiography (Lasair, Columba, Senán).
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 49–78.
Outlines the Isidorian etymological methodology and illustrates its application in Irish scholarship with four examples from Irish hagiography.

Charles-Edwards (T. M.): Early Irish saints’ cults and their constituencies.
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 79–102.
Focuses on the Fothairt saints Damnat, Brigit and Fintan, and argues that the characteristics of a particular saint’s cult were dependent on kindred, politics and territory. In appendix contains a translation of Bethu Phátraic lines 2195-2218 (as ed. by K. Mulchrone, 1939 [Best2 1993]).

Ó Háinle (Cathal): Múin aithrighe dhamh, a Dhé revised.
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 103–123.
New edition of the poem (supersedes L. McKenna 1919 [Best2 1759], 65-68), based on Book of O’Conor Don 50r-51r (33 qq.); now attributed to Tadhg Óg Ó hUiginn. With a selection of variant readings from other MSS, translation, commentary and textual notes. Also includes a discussion of the motif of the blood-spotted hand, shown to differ in its structure from that in Gesta Romanorum but analogous to that used by Shakespeare for his Lady Macbeth. Provides an appendix with the translation of the Gesta Romanorum version of De amore inordinato.

O’Loughlin (Thomas): Perceiving Palestine in Early Christian Ireland: Martyrium, exegetical key, relic and liturgical space.
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 125–137.
Emphasizes the theological purpose of the work, arguing that it offers an idealized, rather than a practical, depiction of the Holy Land.

Picard (Jean-Michel): Bede and Irish scholarship: scientific treatises and grammars.
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 139–147.
Identifies Irish sources in Bede’s scientific production and suggests that the non-acknowledgment of their origin results from the didactic purpose of the work.

Mac Mathúna (Liam): Continuity and change in early Irish words for ‘plain’: exploring narrative text and place-name divergence.
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 149–170.
mag, machaire, róe, clár, réid, réide.

Poppe (Erich): A Virgilian model for lúirech thredúalach?
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 171–177.
Suggests that OIr. lúirech thredúalach is calqued on the rare Latin collocation lōrı̄ca trilı̄x (Aeneid 3×), hence the abundant examples in Middle Irish literature.

Ó Sé (Diarmuid): The ‘after’ perfect and related constructions in Gaelic dialects.
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 179–248.
Studies the historical origins of the periphrastic perfect in its two constructions, the type tá sé tar éis é a dhéanamh (‘after’ perfect) and the tá sé déanta aige (verbal adjective + ag, for which a derivation from a possessive stative formation is sought), and surveys their reflexes in Ulster, Connacht and Munster Irish, Scottish Gaelic, Manx, as well as in Hiberno-English.

McManus (Damian): Varia: I. IGT citations and duplicate entries: further identifications.
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 249–251.
Provides 27 new identifications. Cf. D. McManus, in Ériu 48 (1998), pp. 83-101; 51 (2000), pp. 193-194; 55 (2005), p. 145; and P. de Brún, in Ériu 49 (1998), pp. 175-176.

Gillies (William): Varia: II. Early Irish lía, Scottish Gaelic liutha.
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 253–256.
Treatment of early Irish hiatus in Scottish Gaelic, especially in the sequence /i-u/.

Hamp (Eric P.): Varia: III. On Carnian Celtic en for *.
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 257–258.
ad E. P. Hamp, in Ériu 53 (2003), p. 185 [Varia VI: 3. immainse, immainsi], and Ériu 42 (1991), p. 143 [Varia II: 4. uisce again].

Harvey (Anthony): Varia: IV. Some terms for tides in Celtic-Latin literature.
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 259–262.

Lambert (Pierre-Yves): Varia: V. Gaulish souxtu: addendum.
In Ériu 54 (2004), pp. 263–264.
OIr. suacht; ad P.-Y. Lambert, in Ériu 51 (2000), pp. 189-192.