Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 45 (1992)
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 32 (1996), pp. 317-318.
Schmidt (Karl Horst): The Celtic problem. Ethnogenesis (location, date?).
In ZCP 45 (1992), pp. 38–65.
Addresses the issue of defining and locating Proto-Celtic with regard to the other branches of Indo-European.

Mackey (J. P.): Magic and Celtic primal religion.
In ZCP 45 (1992), pp. 66–84.
Provides a criticism of the view stemming from A. G. van Hamel that the early Irish lacked gods based on the discussion and rejection of the definitions of ‘magic’ and ‘religion’ offered in Religion and the decline of magic and Man and the natural world by Sir Keith V. Thomas.

Hamp (Eric P.): ‘First’.
In ZCP 45 (1992), pp. 85–86.
Argues that an Indo-European syntactical rule underlies the Old Irish (and also Welsh) omision of the ordinal ‘first’ in complex numeral phrases, for which an Albanian parallel is found, and that in both these languages this deletion is replaced by an new form for ‘first’ based on the cardinal.

Hamp (Eric P.): Welsh elfydd and albio-.
In ZCP 45 (1992), pp. 87–89.
ad W. Meid, Über Albion, elfydd, Albiorix und andere Indikatoren eines keltischen Weltbildes, in (pp. 435-439) Celtic Linguistics: Ieithyddiaeth Geltaidd: Readings in the Brythonic Languages, ed. by M. Ball, J. Fife, E. Poppe and J. Rowlands (Amsterdam 1990).

de Bernardo Stempel (Patrizia): New perspective on some Germano-Celtic material.
In ZCP 45 (1992), pp. 90–95.
Argues, on semantic grounds, that the Germanic word for ‘fork’ (*gablo- vel sim.) is a loanword from Celtic (cf. OIr. gabul).

Müller (Nicole): Die Präposition la im Altirischen.
In ZCP 45 (1992), pp. 102–131.
Investigates and describes the uses of preposition la and also of competing con, including a summary of the signs foreboding the substitution of the former by the latter.

de Bernardo Stempel (Patrizia): Zur Erstellung eines rückläufigen Wörterbuchs des älteren Irischen.
In ZCP 45 (1992), pp. 132–160.
Presents preliminary work on a reverse dictionary of Early Irish.

Salberg (Trond Kruke): The question of the main interpolation of H into M’s part of the Serglige Con Culainn in the Book of the Dun Cow and some related problems.
In ZCP 45 (1992), pp. 161–181.
Examines the interpolation at 48b11-49a16, and argues that the erased space could not have accommodated section x (48b12-49a5), thought by R. Thurneysen (in Best2 1030) to come from recension A, if written in M’s hand, therefore concluding with M. Dillon (in Best2 1138a) that x is from recension B.

Poppe (Erich): The Celtic languages in Conrad Gessner’s Mithridates (1555).
In ZCP 45 (1992), pp. 240–250.
Briefly informs of the treatment of Irish and Scottish Gaelic in this work.