Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 44 (1991)
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 31 (1995), pp. 327-331.
Máirtín Ó Briain, in Éigse 26 (1992), pp. 193-196.
Hamp (Eric P.): Bouges, Boug(e)y, Bolg, Blatobulgium.
In ZCP 44 (1991), pp. 67–69.
OIr. bolg ‘bag’ < IE *bhólǵho-s, OIr. Bolg ‘swelling, angry’ < IE *bholǵhó-s; derives all < IE *bhelǵh- ‘swell’.

Hamp (Eric P.): Ad ZCP 34, 1975, 20 ff.
In ZCP 44 (1991), pp. 74–75.
Revision of E. P. Hamp, Old Irish ed, id, in ZCP 34 (1975), pp. 20-29.

Hamp (Eric P.): On the paradigm of OIr. .
In ZCP 44 (1991), pp. 76–78.
Discusses the origin of the final -n in the oblique cases of this word, and argues that it spread from Proto-Celtic endingless locative *gden through the stem final of the other cases.

McKenna (Malachy): On pecthad ‘sinner’ in the Würzburg glosses.
In ZCP 44 (1991), p. 79.
Defends MS reading pecthad against editors’ emendation to pecthaid (Wb. 29a23).

Murdoch (Brian): In pursuit of the Caillech Bérre: an early Irish poem and the medievalist at large.
In ZCP 44 (1991), pp. 80–127.
Studies the various English versions available of this poem.

Mac Gearailt (Uáitéar): Cath Ruis na Ríg and twelfth century literary and oral tradition.
In ZCP 44 (1991), pp. 128–153.
Examines the early (or ‘Book of Leinster’) and modern Irish versions of Cath Ruis na Ríg, and argues that the former is an entirely new version of an existing tale from which the superior latter version is derived. It is suggested that the author’s (an LL compiler) intention in reworking that archetype was to bestow greater prominence upon Conall Cernach.

Sayers (William): Early Irish attitudes toward hair and beards, baldness and tonsure.
In ZCP 44 (1991), pp. 154–189.
Examines the social and legal importance associated with facial and head hair, as can be demonstrated by its treatment in early Irish literature.

Killeen (J. F.): Influence of ballads on Caoineadh Airt Uí Laoghaire?
In ZCP 44 (1991), pp. 190–199.
Points out similarities with English and Scottish ballads.

McGonagle (Noel), Wagner (H.): Phonetische Texte aus Dunquin, County Kerry (Punkt 20 des Linguistic atlas and survey of Irish dialects.
In ZCP 44 (1991), pp. 200–235.
Continued from ZCP 42 (1987), 219-241.