Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 42 (1987)
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 26 (1989), pp. 284-286.
Máirtín Ó Briain, in Éigse 24 (1990), pp. 175-179.
Brian Ó Cuív, in Celtica 20 (1988), pp. 231-232.
Wagner (Heinrich): The Celtic invasions of Ireland and Great Britain: facts and theories.
In ZCP 42 (1987), pp. 1–40.
Argues against a pre-Insular Celtic division of Goidelic and Brythonic, and suggests that Celtic was brought to Britain and Ireland by a tribe that had been exposed to the influence of North-Western Germanic. Appendix contains a collection of possible Celto-Germanic isoglosses: 1. Loss of the Indo-European reflexive pronoun; 2. Irish comparative forms ending in ā; 3. The 2nd sg. of the Old Irish and Welsh suffixless preterite; 4. Notes on verbal prefixes; 5. The Welsh relative particle a.
Greene (David) (hon.)

McLeod (Neil): Interpreting early Irish law: status and currency. Part 2.
In ZCP 42 (1987), pp. 41–115.
Reconstructs the honour-prices corresponding to the previously discussed grades and examines the units of currency used in payments.

Continued from ZCP 41 (1986), pp. 46-65.

Watson (Seosamh): Séamus Ó Duilearga’s Antrim notebooks. II: Language.
In ZCP 42 (1987), pp. 138–218.
Linguistic analysis of the dialect from the Glens of Antrim, based on the material presented in part I.

Continued from ZCP 40 (1984), p. 117.

McGonagle (Noel), Wagner (Heinrich): Phonetische Texte aus Dunquin, County Kerry (Punkt 20 des Linguistic atlas and survey of Irish dialects).
In ZCP 42 (1987), pp. 219–241.
Contains 15 texts with phonetic transcription recorded in situ from storytellers Peig Sayers and Máire Ruiséal. Complements Oral literature from Dunquin, County Kerry, ed. by H. Wagner and N. Mac Congail, Belfast 1983.

Continues in ZCP 44 (1991), 200-235.

Broderick (George): A handbook of late spoken Manx: index of Gaelic words.
In ZCP 42 (1987), pp. 292–310.
Contains an index in traditional Gaelic orthography to the words dealt with in vol. 3 of G. Broderick’s A handbook of late spoken Manx, Tübingen 1986.

McGonagle (Noel): The irregular verb in Modern Irish. Part I: beir.
In ZCP 42 (1987), pp. 311–318.
Investigates the inflexion of beir in the Modern Irish dialects. To be continued.

Fulk (Robert D.): The historical present in medieval Irish narrative.
In ZCP 42 (1987), pp. 330–343.
Argues that in Old Irish narrative prose the alternation between preterite and present tense is used to characterize the events as more and less important respectively from the author’s point of view.

Rejhon (Annalee C.): The French reception of a Celtic motif: the Pèlerinage de Charlemagne à Jérusalem et à Constantinople.
In ZCP 42 (1987), pp. 344–361.
Suggests that a Celtic prototype, of which Tochmarc Étaíne is the Irish analogue, underlies the Old French poem.

Hamilton (Noel): The non-personal in Irish.
In ZCP 42 (1987), pp. 366–373.
Discusses the deletion of the subject pronoun in analytic forms and the substitution of synthetic forms by the non-personal (i.e. historical 3rd sg.) in the responsive and in other instances of repetition of the main verb.