Éigse: a journal of Irish studies 35 (2005)
National University of Ireland
Ó Néill (Pádraig P.): A Middle-Irish note on Boethius De institutione arithmetica.
In Éigse 35 (2005), pp. 1–8.
in MS TCD H 2. 12/7 (1442).

Breatnach (Caoimhín): Aspects of the textual transmission of Sex aetates mundi and Druimm Cetta Céte na noem.
In Éigse 35 (2005), pp. 9–26.
Criticises D. Ó Cróinín's stemmatic representation of MS witnesses to his recension I of Sex aetates mundi and contends against P. Ó Riain's view that MS Rawlinson B 502 is to be identified as the Book of Glendalough.

Breatnach (Pádraig A.), Breatnach (R. A.): Elegy of Aodh Ruadh Ó Domhnaill (d. 1505).
In Éigse 35 (2005), pp. 27–52.
beg. Cionnas tig Éire gan Aodh? Based on MS NLI G 992 (includes variant readings from Brussels 6131-33, Book of O’Conor Don, RIA 23 D 14, Franciscan A 32, and NLI G 167). With English translation and textual notes.

Ó Háinle (Cathal): Seán agus Tadhg Ó Neachtain: cleamhnas agus gaol.
In Éigse 35 (2005), pp. 53–70.
1. Úna de Nógla [and her alleged marriage to Seán Ó Neachtain]; 2. ‘Brother Tom’ [= Tomás Ó Reachtagáin, brother-in-law of Tadhg Ó Neachtain].

Ó Sé (Diarmuid): The verbal ending -idh/-igh in Munster dialects.
In Éigse 35 (2005), pp. 71–80.
Examines the deletion and retention of -g before subject pronouns in Munster Irish and rejects O. J. Bergin's 1904 (in Best1, p. 48) and T. F. O’Rahilly's explanation (in Best2 527) by phonological change.

Ó Murchadha (Diarmuid): A review of some placename material from Foras feasa ar Éirinn.
In Éigse 35 (2005), pp. 81–98.
Divided in: (a) Misreadings and mistaken forms; (b) Some minor errors; (c) Misplaced locations.

Watson (Seosamh): Canúintí agus coilíneachtaí: fianaise ó Albain Nua.
In Éigse 35 (2005), pp. 99–115.
On the amalgamation of Lewis and Harris dialectal features in the Gaelic of Cape Breton. Based on the study of the speech of two informants from An Cladach-a-Tuath, Victoria County, Nova Scotia.

Carey (John): Two notes on names.
In Éigse 35 (2005), pp. 116–124.
1. Crimthann Nia Náir; 2. Derc Corra.