CMCS Publications
Boll (Sheila): Seduction, vengeance, and frustration in Fingal Rónáin: the role of foster-kin in structuring the narrative.
In CMCS 47 (Summer, 2004), pp. 1–16.
Offers an interpretation of the narrative based on the analysis of the actions of the opposing foster and blood-kin.

Sjöblom (Tom): Mind-stories: a cognitive approach to the role of narratives in early Irish tradition.
In CMCS 47 (Summer, 2004), pp. 59–72.
Revisits the three approaches to the interpretation of narratives (namely, mimetic, mythological and textualist) advocated for by T. Ó Cathasaigh, Pagan survivals: the evidence of early Irish narrative, in Ireland and Europe: the early church, ed. by P. Ní Chatháin and M. Richter (Stuttgart 1984) to conclude in favour of social cognition.

Fomin (Maxim) (revr.): On the notions of death, navigation, and the Otherworld.
In CMCS 47 (Summer, 2004), pp. 73–79.
Review article of: Представления о смерти и локализация иного мира у древних кельтов и германцев (Predstavleniya o smerti i lokalizatsiya inogo mira u drevnikh Keltov i Germantsev) [Transl.: Ideas of death and the location of the Otherworld in early Celtic and Germanic traditions], ed. by V. P. Kalygin, T. A. Mikhailova, and T. V. Toporova (Moscow: LRC, 2002).