CMCS Publications
Bhreathnach (Edel): Tales of Connacht: Cath Airtig, Táin bó Flidhais, Cath Leitreach Ruibhe, and Cath Cumair.
In CMCS 45 (Summer, 2003), pp. 21–42.
Examines the textual tradition of these four tales (without edition or translation) and argues that they belong to one narrative centered around the history of Connacht intended for a local learned audience.

Smelik (Bernadette): The structure of the Irish Arthurian romance Eachtra mhacaoimh an iolair.
In CMCS 45 (Summer, 2003), pp. 43–57.
Analyses the portrayal of King Arthur and the structure of the plot, and concludes that the author did not use an English original but fused a late French Arthurian romance with native Irish elements in a conscious attempt to please an Irish audience.