Cambrian medieval Celtic studies 44 (Winter 2002)
CMCS Publications
Sims-Williams (Patrick): The five languages of Wales in the pre-Norman inscriptions.
In CMCS 44 (Winter 2002), pp. 1–36.
Discusses Irish names in both Ogam and Roman script: maccvdecceti (cf. OIr. Macc Deichet); camvloris; fannvci; nefroihi (cf. OIr. Nad-Froích); filius carotinn (cf. OIr. Macc Cáerthainn).

Carey (John): Werewolves in medieval Ireland.
In CMCS 44 (Winter 2002), pp. 37–72.
Revisits the testimonies of traditions concerning werewolves in Ireland presented by J. Reinhard and V. Hull 1936 (in Best2 1201); especially on the anecdote of the Ossory werewolves told by Gerald of Wales and others.