CMCS Publications
Ó Mainnín (Mícheál B.): ‘The same in origin and in blood’: bardic windows on the relationship between Irish and Scottish Gaels, c. 1200-1650.
In CMCS 38 (Winter, 1999), pp. 1–51.
Explores their literary connections, focusing on the concept of Gaeldom and its evolution in both Ireland and Scotland as seen in the work of Irish and Scottish bardic poets writing praise poetry for Scottish chieftains.

O’Leary (Aideen M.): The identities of the poet(s) Mac Coisi: a reinvestigation.
In CMCS 38 (Winter, 1999), pp. 53–71.
Assesses the evidence for the existence of the two poets known as ‘mac Coisi’ (namely Airbertach mac Cosse Dobráin, fer léigind of Ros Ailithir; and Iorard mac Coisi). Appendix contains a list of all the texts attributed to a mac Coisi (with references; no edition or translation).