Cambridge University Press
O’Leary (Philip): Jeers and judgments: laughter in early Irish literature.
In CMCS 22 (Winter, 1991), pp. 15–29.
Highlights the use of laughter to express one’s disapproval, and its detrimental effect on the social status of its victim. App. contains a note on suicide in early Irish literature.

Sims-Williams (Patrick): The submission of Irish kings in fact and fiction: Henry II, Bendigeidfran, and the dating of The four branches of the Mabinogi.
In CMCS 22 (Winter, 1991), pp. 31–61.
Examines the historical background to the house-entering ceremony (represented in the Ir. annals by the formula tánic ina thech vel sim.), and its possible use as literary motif in Ireland and Wales.

Hughes (A. J.): The Old Cornish personal name Brenci and Middle Welsh Brengi/Bryngi.
In CMCS 22 (Winter, 1991), pp. 95–99.
Posits CC *Branokwū as etymon of OIr. Branchú, MW Brengi and OC Brenci.