Cambrian medieval Celtic studies 17 (Summer 1989)
Cambridge University Press
Ó Riain (Pádraig): Sanctity and politics in Connacht c. 1100: the case of St Fursa.
In CMCS 17 (Summer 1989), pp. 1–14.
On the political motivations behind the composition of the second Vita.

Patterson (Nerys): Brehon law in late medieval Ireland: ‘antiquarian and obsolete’ or ‘traditional and functional’?
In CMCS 17 (Summer 1989), pp. 43–63.
Argues for the continuing importance of native Irish law and its texts in Gaelic society down to the time of its suppression in the early 17th c.

Herren (Michael W.): Editing the Hisperica famina: a reply.
In CMCS 17 (Summer 1989), pp. 66–68.
ad J. Stevenson, rev. of Hisperica famina, II, CMCS 16 (Winter, 1988), pp. 100-103.