Cambridge University Press
Ó Concheanainn (Tomás): A Connacht medieval literary heritage: texts derived from Cín Dromma Snechtai through Leabhar na hUidhre.
In CMCS 16 (Winter, 1988), pp. 1–40.
Argues that LU stands closer to the original Cín Dromma Snechtai texts than MSS Egerton 88 and Dublin, RIA 23 N 10, as it was the direct source of Gilla Commáin Ó Congaláin’s (†1135) selection whence the Connacht MS tradition comes.

Carey (John): Fir Bolg: a native etymology revisited.
In CMCS 16 (Winter, 1988), pp. 77–83.
Rejects T. F. O’Rahilly' explanation, in Early Irish history and mythology (BILL 482), pp. 43-57.