Bannerman (John): Studies in the history of Dalriada.
Edinburgh and London: Scottish Academic Press, 1974. x + 178 pp.
Edition and study of Senchus fer nAlban; text based on TCD MS H 2. 7, with variant readings from RIA MSS 23 P 12 (Book of Ballymote) and 23 P 2 (Book of Lecan). Incl. text from UCD Add. Ir. MS 14 (Mac Firbisigh’s Book of Genealogies). Cf. J. Bannerman 1966 (BILL 8863). Follows an account of the Convention of Druim Cett (575).

Rev. by
T. M. Charles-Edwards, in StH 15 (1975), pp. 194-196.
Donald Macaulay, in The Scottish historical review 58/1 (Apr., 1979), pp. 92-93.
Donnchadh Ó Corráin, in Celtica 13 (1980), pp. 169-182.



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