Carey (John): The testimony of the dead.
In Éigse 26 (1992), pp. 1–12.
Legal interpretation of the episode of Cormac’s sword in Scél na Fír Flatha (= IT 3/1, 183–229).

App. (a) contains Cert Claidib Chormaic, from TCD MS H 2. 15B with variant readings from Scél na Fír Flatha (cf. supra) 201-202 and O’Davoren’s glossary (W. Stokes 1903-1904 [Best1, p. 7]) and English translation. App. (b) contains Gúbretha Caratniad §46, from MS Rawlinson B 502, with English translation. App. (c) contains commentary to Findṡruth Fíthail from TCD MS H 5. 15 (= CIH vi 2143.18-40, with corrections to D. A. Binchy's text), with English translation.



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