Éigse: a journal of Irish studies 27 (1993)
National University of Ireland
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 32 (1996), pp. 307-308.
Breatnach (R. A.): Cregeen’s Manx proverbs and familiar phrases.
In Éigse 27 (1993), pp. 1–34.
Collection of 212 items publ. in A dictionary of the Manx language (1835), with transliteration into early modern English spelling and linguistic notes.

Ó Murchadha (Diarmuid): Mag Cetne and Mag Ene.
In Éigse 27 (1993), pp. 35–46.
On the precise identification of two separate plains in the area consisting of N Co. Sligo, N Co. Leitrim and S Co. Donegal.

Caball (Marc): Pairlement Chloinne Tomáis I: a reassessment.
In Éigse 27 (1993), pp. 47–57.
Interpretation of PCT I against that of N. J. A. Williams, Pairlement Chloinne Tomáis (Dublin, 1981).

Ó Murchú (Séamas): Cill Mhura agus Screathan.
In Éigse 27 (1993), p. 58.
On the identification of Kilvoro; ad D. Ó Muirithe, in Éigse 24 (1993), pp. 68-70.

Breatnach (Pádraig A.): A covenant between Eochaidh Ó hEódhusa and Aodh Mág Uidhir.
In Éigse 27 (1993), pp. 59–66.
Poem by Eochaidh Ó hEódhusa dedic. to Aodh Má Uidhir, beg. Connradh do cheanglas re hAodh; ed. from the Book of the O’Conor Don and UCD MS O’Curry no. 5, with critical apparatus, English translation and notes. Also comments on the iargomharc device.

Ó Murchú (L. P.): Caoineadh ar Uaithne Mór Ó Lochlainn, 1617.
In Éigse 27 (1993), pp. 67–79.
Elegy for Uaithne Mór Ó Lochlainn (†1617) by his widow Fionnghuala Ní Bhriain; beg. A nainm an Spioraid Naoimh h’imrighe, 'Uaithne. Diplom. edn from MS RIA E iv 3. With Engl. transl; notes in Irish.

Breatnach (P. A.): Notula Patriciana.
In Éigse 27 (1993), p. 80.
wr. by Míchéal Ó Cléirigh; ed. from Brussels MS 2324-40;.

Mahon (William): First plural mar in Connacht Irish.
In Éigse 27 (1993), pp. 81–88.
1. Pronominal mur/mar; 2. Synthetic preterites in -(e)amar.

Use of mar as an indep. pron. and as 1pl marker outside the pret.

Ó Cearbhaill (Pádraig): Cill Chaise nó Cill Chais? Logainm i gContae Thiobraid Árann.
In Éigse 27 (1993), pp. 89–97.

Ó Catháin (Brian): Nóta ar r in áit n i nGaeilge Árann.
In Éigse 27 (1993), pp. 98–100.
ad S. Ó Murchú, in Éigse 25 (1991), pp. 95-101. H. Pedersen collected exx. of /r/ for /n/ after consonants in 1895–96.

Ó Macháin (Pádraig): Bás file.
In Éigse 27 (1993), pp. 101–114.
Elegy on the death of the poet Tomás mac Ruaidhrí Mheic Eochadha (fl. ca. 1600); beg. Dı̄oth ollamh easbhuidh Laighean. Restored from the facsimile of fols. 87-88 of a MS kept in Sir Walter Scott’s Abbotsford house, Melrose, Roxburghshire (shelfmark E 2). With English translation; notes in Irish.

Ó Muirithe (Diarmaid): A natal poem for Daniel O’Connell.
In Éigse 27 (1993), pp. 115–119.
composed by Máire Ní Dhuibh, his grandmother; beg. TTigh ad bheatha a Dhómhnail óig. Three versions, contained in RIA MSS 24 C 26 and 12 G 15 (iii). With Engl. tranls.

Breatnach (Pádraig A.): Togha na héigse 1700–1800: 2. Ní cogadh ná cargaill fhada idir airdríthibh (Séamas Mac Coitir).
In Éigse 27 (1993), pp. 120–121.
Poem on the Great Frost of 1740, by Séamas Mac Coitir; beg. Ní cogadh ná cargaill fhada idir airdríthibh. Ed. from RIA MSS 23 O 39, 23 N 32 and 4 A 46, and Maynooth M 7; with analysis of the metre, critical apparatus and notes.

Mac Cuarta (Brian): Conchubhar Mac Bruaideadha and Sir Matthew De Renzy (1577–1634).
In Éigse 27 (1993), pp. 122–126.
Biography of Sir Matthew De Renzy by Conchubhar Mac Bruaideadha, incl. a dedicated poem beg. Oraoid úaim go O Rénsi. From PROL SP 46/92/188; with Engl. transl.

Breatnach (Pádraig A.): Eochaidh Ó hEódhusa (c. 1560–1612).
In Éigse 27 (1993), pp. 127–129.
Summary of the life and work of the poet Eochaidh Ó hEódhusa.

Breatnach (P. A.): A note on the syntax of the particle dar.
In Éigse 27 (1993), pp. 130–132.
Use of dar = do.

de Bhaldraithe (Tomás): Nótaí ar fhocail.
In Éigse 27 (1993), pp. 133–138.
1. pléaráca; 2. ceairliciú; 3. geaileas; 4. rabún.

Ó Fiannachta (Pádraig): Nessa Ní Shéaghdha (1916–1993).
In Éigse 27 (1993), pp. 139–140.