Eolas: the journal of the American Society of Irish Medieval Studies 11 (2018)
American Society of Irish Medieval Studies
McDonald (Roderick W.): Dynamics of identity: Norse loanword-borrowers in Ireland and Scotland, and linguistic evidence of urbanization.
In Eolas 11 (2018), pp. 2–31.

McCloskey (Laura E.): Exploring meditatio and memoria in Ireland through the book of Durrow: manuscript illumination as the intersection of theological and artistic traditions.
In Eolas 11 (2018), pp. 32–59.

Johnston (Elva): Religious change and frontier management: reassessing conversion in fourth- and fifth-century Ireland.
In Eolas 11 (2018), pp. 104–119.

Herren (Michael): In memoriam Donnchadh Ó Corráin (1942–2017): scholar and revolutionary.
In Eolas 11 (2018), pp. 145–147.