Ó hUiginn (Ruairí) (ed.): Book of Ballymote / edited by Ruairí Ó hUiginn.
CHE, 2. Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 2018. xv + 384 pp. (Codices Hibernenses eximii, 2).
Papers from a conference held in Dublin, 5–6 February, 2015.
Ó Corráin (Donnchadh): The Book of Ballymote: a genealogical treasure.
In Book of Ballymote (2018), pp. 1–31.
Discusses three aspects of the genealogies in the Book of Ballymote: (i) their organisation, (ii) their possible relationship to Late Antique records, and (iii) the information they provide on the proliferation of Irish ruling classes.

Ní Mhaonaigh (Máire): Universal history and the Book of Ballymote.
In Book of Ballymote (2018), pp. 33–49.

Boyle (Elizabeth): Biblical history in the Book of Ballymote.
In Book of Ballymote (2018), pp. 51–75.
Appendix: A poem on Assyrian kings and Irish prehistory [beg. Nin mac Bel, roga na rı̄g, ed. with English transl.; dated to 12th c.].

Hayden (Deborah): The Book of Ballymote and the grammar of Irish.
In Book of Ballymote (2018), pp. 77–100.
Examines the section of the Bk of Ballymote (fols. 157-181) concerned with grammar, metrics, and the educational curriculum of the fili. Appendix: Grammar and prosody in the Book of Ballymote: a revised catalogue.

Mac Gearailt (Uáitéar): Translations of Latin works in the Book of Ballymote.
In Book of Ballymote (2018), pp. 101–154.
Focuses on Togal Troí, Merugud Uilixis maic Leirtis, Imtheachta Aeniasa, Scéla Alaxandair, examining in particular the language and style of each and their relationship to other texts of the same works.

Ó Muraíle (Nollaig): The Books of Ballymote and Lecan: their structure and contents compared.
In Book of Ballymote (2018), pp. 155–190.
Focuses on the comparison of the genealogical collections in these two MSS. In Appendices: 1. The Book of Ballymote: outline list of contents; 2. The Book of Lecan: outline list of contents; 3a. Outline contents of secular genealogies in BB, with cross-references (where appropriate) to Lec; 3b. Secular genealogies in Rawl. B 502 and LL, with cross-references (where appropriate) to BB/Lec; 4. Marriage relationship between Giola Íosa Mac Fhir Bhisigh and Tomaltach Mac Donnchaidh; 5. BB: from Mac Donnchaidh to Ó Domhnaill; 6. Aodh Mac Diarmada, king of Magh Luirg (†1393), in the Genealogies.

Ó hUiginn (Ruairí): The Book of Ballymote: scholars, sources and patrons.
In Book of Ballymote (2018), pp. 191–219.
Discusses the historical background, composition date, scribes’ identity, and literary sources for this manuscript. In Appendix: Annalistic entries concerned with Clann Donnchaidh in the reign of Tomaltach Mac Donnchaidh (ad 1383–97.)

Ó Macháin (Pádraig): The Book of Ballymote and the Irish book.
In Book of Ballymote (2018), pp. 221–250.
Examines material aspects of this manuscript, such as its history, readership, creation, patronage, planning of contents, and physical structure.

Cunningham (Bernadette), Gillespie (Raymond): Owners and users: the changing contexts of the Book of Ballymote, 1500–1750.
In Book of Ballymote (2018), pp. 251–271.
Examines the use made of this manuscript by antiquarians and scholars through the changing intellectual and social context in Ireland.

Duncan (Elizabeth): The Book of Ballymote: a reappraisal of the hand formerly attributed to Maghnus Ó Duibhgeannáin.
In Book of Ballymote (2018), pp. 273–300.
Criticizes T. Ó Concheanainn's palaeographical analysis of Bk of Ballymote (in Celtica 14.15ff), and argues, focusing only on the writing attributed to Maghnus Ó Duibhgeannáin, that his hand can be divided into the work of eight distinct scribes.

Ralph (Karen): A manuscript for a lord: reading the illumination in the Book of Ballymote.
In Book of Ballymote (2018), pp. 301–341.