Ó Maidín (Uinseann): The Celtic monk: rules and writings of early Irish monks / translated and annotated by Uinseann Ó Maidín.
Kalamazoo, MI: , 1996. 215 pp. (Cistercian studies series, 162).
Contains various rules and other texts in English translation. 1. Rules: The Rule of Ailbe; The Rule of Comgall; The Rule of Colum Cille; The Rule of Ciarán; The Rule of the Grey Monks; The Rule of Cormac Mac Cuilennáin; The Rule of Carthage; An incomplete fragment [= Cid is dech do clerech, from An Leabhar Breac 260b); The Rule of the Céli Dé; The Rule of Tallaght, or The teaching of Maelruain. 2. Writings, litanies and hymns: Testimony to the Monastery of Sinchell The Younger; The Homily of Cambrai Fragment; A treatise on The Eucharist; The Alphabet of Devotion [= Apgitir chrábaid]; Litany of the Trinity; Litany of Jesus Christ [= Scúap chrábaid]; Litany of Our Lady; Invocation of Saint Michael; Poems [Engl. transls. repr. from various sources]; Latin Hymns.

Rev. by
Réamonn Ó Muirí, in SAM 17/2 (1998), pp. 221-222.



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