Éigse: a journal of Irish studies 22 (1987)
National University of Ireland
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 27 (1990), pp. 421-423.
O’Leary (Philip): Fír fer: an internalized ethical concept in early Irish literature?
In Éigse 22 (1987), pp. 1–14.

Cunningham (Bernadette), Gillespie (Raymond): Persecution in seventeenth-century Irish.
In Éigse 22 (1987), pp. 15–20.
Persecution as used beside and different from Ir. inghreim in religious texts in the Counter-Reformation period.

Breatnach (R. A.): An focal flúirse fós.
In Éigse 22 (1987), pp. 21–24.
< Engl. fluency, in the phrase fairsinge agus flúirse; vs. E. G. Quin, in Ériu 36 (1985), pp. 207-209. Includes a phonetic transcription of Liobar Mhárthain, a story taken down by the author from Donncha Ó hUallacháin.

Mahony (Robert): Muiris Ó Gormáin and the Lords Lieutenant of Ireland.
In Éigse 22 (1987), pp. 25–36.
On the recycling by Muiris Ó Gormáin for later Lords Lieutenant of his 1763 accession poem (with English translation) for Hugh Percy, Earl of Northumberland, as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland. First line Is aoibhinn dhuit, a Éire, in MSS Alnwick Castle (England), Northumberland Estates Office, Percy letters and papers, vol. 36, and Egerton 116.

Carey (John): Origin and development of the Cesair legend.
In Éigse 22 (1987), pp. 37–48.

de Brún (Pádraig): Litir ó Thor Londain.
In Éigse 22 (1987), pp. 49–53.
Letter written to Fear Feasa Ó an Cháinte ca. 1600 by Fínghin Mac Carthaigh during captivity in England, with English translation by the same. From MS Hatfield House, Library of Lord Salisbury, Cecil papers 205/82.

de Bhaldraithe (Tomás): Nótaí ar fhocail.
In Éigse 22 (1987), pp. 107–110.
1. úróig [< úrach = iubhrach; 2. piobarnaíl; 3. An ghé bheag; 4. crích [dat. of críoch ‘sceacha nó driseacha’ (Cois Fharraige)]; 5. paltóg; 6. cuitléir(e).

Breatnach (Pádraig A.): Dhá dhuain leanbaíochta.
In Éigse 22 (1987), pp. 111–123.
Composed on occasion of the birth (1736) of Donnchadh mac Conchubhair Uí Bhriain; I. by Séamas Mac Coitir, beg. Fáilte óm chroí le báb na mile. Edited from Maynooth MSS B 11, M 10, M 7, Franciscan A 52, and NLI G 430; and II. by Fr Seán Ó Briain, beg. Fáilte is fiche do chuirim le díograis ed. from RIA MSS 24 B 19, 24 L 38, 23 C 21, 23 O 73 and NLI MS G 122; with apparatus criticus and metrical analysis.

Ó Murchú (Séamas): Nóta ar [o] agus [u] i nGaeilge an Iarthair.
In Éigse 22 (1987), pp. 124–125.
ad R. Hickey, in Éigse 21 (1986), pp. 214-226. On the phonemic contrast between [o] and [u].

Hughes (A. J.): Orthographical evidence of developments in Donegal Irish.
In Éigse 22 (1987), pp. 126–134.
Based on excerpts from Séamus Ó Grianna, An draoidín.

(a) (i) ao [ɯː ∼ iː], (ii) leh; (b) (i) spread of the verbal noun ending -adh [u]; (c) (i) [rˊ ∼ j] (ii) [lˊ ∼ lˊ]; (d) (i) [rˊ ∼ r]; (ii) [ö̤ː ∼ eː].

Ní Dhomhnaill (Cáit): Ann coitcheann, as coitcheann.
In Éigse 22 (1987), pp. 135–140.
On the adverbial/impersonal use of the 3sg. m./n. of conjugated prepositions referred to in Bardical syntactical tracts.