de Vaan (Michiel) (ed.), Kloekhorst (Alwin) (ed.), Kroonen (Guus) (ed.), Peyrot (Michaël) (ed.), Pronk (Tijmen) (ed.), van Beek (Lucien) (ed.): Farnah: Indo-Iranian and Indo-European studies in honor of Sasha Lubotsky / edited by Lucien van Beek, Alwin Kloekhorst, Guus Kroonen, Michaël Peyrot, Tijmen Pronk and Michiel de Vaan.
Ann Arbor and New York: Beech Stave Press, 2018. xvii + 364 pp.
Lubotsky (Alexander) (hon.)
Weiss (Michael): Veneti or Venetes? Observations on a widespread Indo-European tribal name.
In Fs. Lubotsky (2018), pp. 349–357.
Contains an excursus on t-stems forming agentives, represented in Ir. by cing, fili, etc.