Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 65 (2018)
de Gruyter
Bauer (Bernhard): The story of the monk and the devil.
In ZCP 65 (2018), pp. 1–27.
Compares two versions of an episode from the ‘Monastery of Tallaght’, preserved in RIA C i 2 and 3 B 23. With dipl. and norm. texts, Engl. transls., and discussion of selected linguistic features.

Bondarenko (Grigory): Lia Fáil and other stones: symbols of power in Ireland and their origins.
In ZCP 65 (2018), pp. 45–62.

Broderick (George): Fin as Oshin: a reappraisal.
In ZCP 65 (2018), pp. 63–81.
Answering P. Ó Muircheartaigh, in ZCP 63.95 ff. In Appendix: Fin as Oshin [phonetic rendering taken down by C. Marstrander in 1929; from MS Douglas, MNHL 05354 B].

Hily (Gaël): L’aubépine sans épines: une curiosité dans la procédure d’exécution du glám dícenn.
In ZCP 65 (2018), pp. 123–134.
Adresses the problem of the ‘whitethorn without any thorns on it’ mentioned in Uraicecht na ríar §24, gl. 2 (as ed. by L. Breatnach, 1987).