Ó Háinle (Cathal): Varia de amore.
In Celtica 30 (2018), pp. 24–37.
1. A bhean lán de stuaim and quinque lineae amoris [Interprets the use by the poet of the words lámh and gníomh in the light of the medieval Latin poetic trope of the quinque lineae (or gradus) amoris]; 2. A bhean fuair an falachán [Proposes that the wording of the reference to Absalom’s hair in the first q. of this poem is influenced by a misunderstanding of Engl. disteyne (‘outshine’) in the suggested source of this poem (i.e. Chaucer’s ballade Hyd, Absolon, thy gilte tresses clere in the prologue to the Legend of good women) as disdeyne (‘contempt’)].



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