Ó Corráin (Donnchadh) (ed.): Irish antiquity: essays and studies presented to Professor M. J. O’Kelly / edited by Donnchadh Ó Corráin.
Cork: Tower Books, 1981. xxviii + 350 pp.
pp. 343-350: Published work of Prof. O’K., comp. by Helen Moloney Davies.
O’Kelly (M. J.) (hon.)


Ó Riain (Pádraig): The Irish element in Welsh hagiographical tradition.
In Irish antiquity (1981), pp. 291–303.
Particularly on the development of the cult of Saint Finnbarr in Welsh hagiography.

MacDonald (Aidan): Notes on monastic archaeology and the Annals of Ulster, 650–1050.
In Irish antiquity (1981), pp. 304–319.
Studies terminology collected from the Annals of Ulster relating to: 1. The church and monastic buildings (e.g. dairthech, doimliacc, eclais, reiclés, saball, airdam, airnigde, clocthech, tech abaid, etc.); 2. The monastic community: specialised groups (e.g. ancoritae, sruithi, etc.)

Ó Corráin (Donnchadh): The early Irish churches: some aspects of organisation.
In Irish antiquity (1981), pp. 327–341.