Clarke (Howard B.) (ed.), Hennessy (Mark) (ed.), Prunty (Jacinta) (ed.): Surveying Ireland’s past: multidisciplinary essays in honour of Anngret Simms / edited by Howard B. Clarke, Jacinta Prunty and Mark Hennessy.
Dublin: Geography Publications, 2004. xxxii + 802 pp.
Simms (Anngret) (hon.)


Simms (Katharine): References to landscape and economy in Irish bardic poetry.

Aalen (F. H. A.): The mythical isles and North Atlantic discovery.
In Surveying Ireland’s past [A. Simms essays] (2004), pp. 169–196.
Includes a case-study on the origin of the mythical island of Brasil (variously documented as Hy Brasil, O’Brasil, Breasail or Brazil).

Smyth (William J.): Excavating, mapping and interrogating ancestral terrains: towards a cultural geography of first names and second names in Ireland.
In Surveying Ireland’s past [A. Simms essays] (2004), pp. 243–280.
I. The geography of first names; II. Surname geographies; III. The geographies of the 'Os’ and 'Macs’: the bridges between first and second names.

Robinson (Philip S.): Germanic place-names in East Ulster.