CMCS Publications
Carey (John): The miracle of St. Patrick’s cup.
In CMCS 73 (Summer, 2017), pp. 15–20.
Rejects the assumption that the idea of poison is central to Muirchú's original account of this miracle (as argued for example by Thomas O’Loughlin, ‘Muirchú's poisoned cup: a note on its sources’, in Ériu 56 (2006), pp. 157–162), and suggests this story rather symbolizes the exclusion of incompatible aspects of early Irish society during the process of conversion to Christianity.

Falileyev (Alexander): Welsh equivalents to the Irish fian? Some further considerations on juvenile delinquency in medieval Wales.
In CMCS 73 (Summer, 2017), pp. 31–59.
Provides further medieval Welsh parallels to the passage referred to by Simon Rodway in Studi Celtici 7.191 ff.; also suggests Welsh ynfydion may have a parallel in the Irish dám dásachtach of Togail Bruidne Da Derga.