Cambrian medieval Celtic studies 14 (Winter 1987)
Cambridge University Press
Harvey (Anthony): Early literacy in Ireland: the evidence from Ogam.
In CMCS 14 (Winter 1987), pp. 1–15.
ad A. Harvey, in Ériu 38 (1987), pp. 45-71. On gemination in Ogam; argues that a degree of naturalised Latinity existed in Ireland by the mid-5th c. which complemented the contemporary use of ogam.
Harvey (A.) (ref.)

Koch (John T.): Welsh window on the Iron Age: Manawydan, Mandubracios.
In CMCS 14 (Winter 1987), pp. 17–52.
Includes a comparison between ideas of sacral kingship expressed in Irish texts and the Mabinogion.

Brennan (Emma J.): A cross-carved slab from Kildare Cathedral.
In CMCS 14 (Winter 1987), pp. 53–60.

Smyth (Marina): Isidore of Seville and early Irish cosmography.
In CMCS 14 (Winter 1987), pp. 69–102.
Argues that Isidore was not influential in Irish scholarly circles until the end of the seventh century. [1.] De Mirabilibus Sacrae Scripturae; [2.] De Ordine Creaturarum; [3.] Hisperica famina; [4.] Virgilius Maro Grammaticus; [4.] Some other texts; [5.] Conclusion.