Cambrian medieval Celtic studies 10 (Winter 1985)
Cambridge University Press
Lapidge (Michael): A seventh-century insular Latin debate poem.
In CMCS 10 (Winter 1985), pp. 1–23.
Reconstructed text, beg. Ad Deum uertere uolo, based on MSS Luxembourg, Bibliothèque nationale, 89 and Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, lat. 11411; with Engl. transl. and discussion of provenance, metrical form, social and doctrinal milieu. Compares with the two OIr. poems A ben, bennacht fort—ná ráid (attributed to Daniél ua Líathaiti) and Líadan and Cuirithir (beg. Cen áinius).

Dumville (David): Late-seventh or eighth-century evidence for the British transmission of Pelagius.
In CMCS 10 (Winter 1985), pp. 39–52.
Ed. of scribal colophon on Pelagius’s Commentary on the Pauline Epistles from MSS Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, lat. 9530 and Salisbury, Cathedral Library, 5; with Engl transl. Suggests that the text was copied in Wales. Discusses the names Helisęus, Merianus and Salamonis.

Russell (Paul): A footnote to spirantization.
In CMCS 10 (Winter 1985), pp. 53–56.
ad A. Harvey, in CMCS 8 (Winter, 1984), pp. 87-100.
Harvey (A.) (ref.)

Dumville (David) (revr.): On editing and translating medieval Irish chronicles: the Annals of Ulster.
In CMCS 10 (Winter 1985), pp. 67–86.
Review article of: The Annals of Ulster (to a.d. 1131). Part I: Text and translation, ed. and transl. by S. Mac Airt and G. Mac Niocaill (Dublin: DIAS, 1983).

Repr. in Histories and pseudo-histories of the Insular middle ages, nº XVI.