Cambrian medieval Celtic studies 9 (Summer, 1985)
Cambridge University Press
Russell (Paul) (revr.): Recent work in British Latin.
In CMCS 9 (Summer, 1985), pp. 19–29.

Wright (Neil): Did Gildas read Orosius?
In CMCS 9 (Summer, 1985), pp. 31–42.
Traces the influence of Orosius’s Historia aduersum paganos on Gildas’s De excidio Britanniae.

Okasha (Elisabeth): The non-Ogam inscriptions of Pictland.
In CMCS 9 (Summer, 1985), pp. 43–69.
Ten non-ogam inscriptions from Scotland, each discussed under the headings: [1.] Find-place; [2.] Description; [3.] Bibliography; [4.] Text; [5.] Discussion; [6.] Art-historical comment (by I. B. Henderson).
Henderson (I. B.)

Dumville (David): Language, literature and law in medieval Ireland: some questions of transmission.
In CMCS 9 (Summer, 1985), pp. 91–98.
Review article of: Proceedings of the Sixth International Congress of Celtic Studies, held in University College Galway, 6-13 July 1979, ed. by G. Mac Eoin with the collaboration of A. Ahlqvist and D. Ó hAodha (Dublin: DIAS, 1983).