Cambridge University Press
Lambert (Pierre-Yves): ‘Thirty’ and ‘sixty’ in Brittonic.
In CMCS 8 (Winter, 1984), pp. 29–43.
Discusses numerals in Old Breton glosses in MS Angers, Bibliothèque municipale 477: 1. ‘thirty’; 2. ‘thirtyfold’; 3. ‘sixty’; some comparisons with Old Irish forms.

McCone (Kim) (revr.): Notes on the text and authorship of the early Irish bee-laws.
In CMCS 8 (Winter, 1984), pp. 45–50.
Review article of: Bechbretha, ed. by Fergus Kelly and Thomas Charles-Edwards (Dublin: DIAS, 1983).

Cheney (C. R.): Manx synodal statutes, a.d. 1230(?)-1351. Part II: Translation of Latin texts.
In CMCS 8 (Winter, 1984), pp. 51–63.
For part I, see CMCS 7 (Summer, 1984), pp. 63–89.

Meek (Donald E.): Táin bó Fraích and other ‘Fráech’ texts: a study in thematic relationships. Part II.
In CMCS 8 (Winter, 1984), pp. 65–85.
[1.] Fráech and his stolen cattle (compares and contrasts Táin bó Fraích, Tochmarc Treblainne and poem Carn Fraoich, soitheach na saorchlann); [2.] General conclusions.

For part I, see CMCS 7 (Summer, 1984), pp. 1–37.

Harvey (Anthony): Aspects of lenition and spirantization.
In CMCS 8 (Winter, 1984), pp. 87–100.
Development in Celtic languages. Cf. D. Greene, Gemination, in Celtica 3 (1956), pp. 284-289; The spirant mutation in Brythonic, in Celtica 7 (1966), pp. 116-119; K. H. Jackson, Gemination and the spirant mutation, in Celtica 5 (1960), pp. 127-134.