Meek (Donald E.): Táin bó Fraích and other ‘Fráech’ texts: a study in thematic relationships. Part I.
In CMCS 7 (Summer, 1984), pp. 1–37.
[1.] The Fráech texts [Táin bó Fraích, Tochmarc Treblainne and the poems Laoidh Fhraoich (beg. Osnadh carad a Cluain Fraoich), Carn Fraoich, soitheach na saorchlann]; [2.] Fráech and the monster [place-names (e.g. Dublind Fraích, Loch Bága, Carn Fraích, Cluain Fraích) suggest early Fráech texts associated with Connacht; compares and contrasts TBF, LF and CFSS]. App. A contains an Engl. transl. of LF, based on text in MS Edinburgh, NLS Adv. 72.1.37 (Dean of Lismore’s Book).

For part II, see CMCS 8 (Winter, 1984), pp. 65-85.



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