Cambrian medieval Celtic studies 6 (Winter 1983)
Cambridge University Press
Sims-Williams (Patrick): Gildas and the Anglo-Saxons.
In CMCS 6 (Winter 1983), pp. 1–30.
Includes mention of Irish influences upon and references to De excidio Britanniae.

Burnett (Charles S. F.): Arabic divinatory texts and Celtic folklore: a comment on the theory and practice of scapulimancy in Western Europe.
In CMCS 6 (Winter 1983), pp. 31–42.
The practice of divination from sheep’s shoulder blades (ScG slinneannachd) is traced from seventeenth century Gaelic folk-culture back to medieval Arabic treatises composed in Spain. Incl. plts.

Gerriets (Marilyn): Economy and society: clientship according to the Irish laws.
In CMCS 6 (Winter 1983), pp. 43–61.
Analysis of obligations of aicillne ‘base clientship’ and choice of clientship partner based on Críth gablach, Cáin aicillne and other legal texts.