Cambrian medieval Celtic studies 4 (Winter 1982)
Cambridge University Press
Rev. by
Brian Ó Cuív, in Celtica 16 (1984), pp. 208-211.
Jacobs (Nicolas): The Green Knight: an unexplored Irish parallel.
In CMCS 4 (Winter 1982), pp. 1–4.
The green knight in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is compared with the three red horsemen in Togail bruidne Da Derga.

Sharpe (Richard): St. Patrick and the See of Armagh.
In CMCS 4 (Winter 1982), pp. 33–59.
Explores the chronological gap between Patrick’s death and 7th c. texts relating to the church at Armagh.

Wright (Neil): The Hisperica famina and Caelius Sedulius.
In CMCS 4 (Winter 1982), pp. 61–76.
Identifies literary borrowings in the B text of Hisperica famina from the Carmen Paschale of Caelius Sedulius.

Hamp (Eric P.): Lloegr: the Welsh name for England.
In CMCS 4 (Winter 1982), pp. 83–85.
On the etymology of W Lloegr; some discussion of OIr. i-lle(i) ‘hither’.

Scowcroft (R. Mark) (revr.): Some recent work on Irish mythology and literature.
In CMCS 4 (Winter 1982), pp. 86–89.
Review article of: Éigse: a journal of Irish studies, vol. 18/2, ed. by Tomás Ó Concheanainn (Dublin: NUI, 1981).