Gillies (William): Arthur in Gaelic tradition. Part II: Romances and learned lore.
In CMCS 3 (Summer, 1982), pp. 41–75.
Discusses early modern Gaelic prose romances, e.g. Lorgaireacht an tSoidhigh Naomhtha, Céilidhe Iosgaide Léithe, Eachtra Mhelóra agus Orlando, Eachtra an Mhadra Mhaoil, Eachtra Mhacaoimh an Iolair, Caithréim Chonghail Chláiringnigh, Eachtra an Amadáin Mhóir; some discussion of associations with Arthur in local legend.

For part I, see CMCS 2 (Winter, 1981), pp. 47-72.



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