James Hall
Rev. by
Brian Ó Cuív, in Celtica 16 (1984), pp. 208-211.
Jackson (Kenneth): Varia: I. Bede’s Urbs Giudi: Stirling or Cramond?
In CMCS 2 (Winter, 1981), pp. 1–7.
Restates the argument that Urbs Giudi is to be identified as Stirling.

Gillies (William): Arthur in Gaelic tradition. Part I: Folktales and ballads.
In CMCS 2 (Winter, 1981), pp. 47–72.
Analyses the content and transmission of Arthurian characters and motifs in Gaelic folktales and ballads.

For part II, see CMCS 3 (Summer, 1982), pp. 41-75.

Nic Ghiollamhaith (Aoife): Dynastic warfare and historical writing in North Munster, 1276-1350.
In CMCS 2 (Winter, 1981), pp. 73–89.
Discusses the political context of Uí Briain propoganda text Caithréim Thoirdhealbhaigh and the influence of Cogadh Gaedhel re Gallaibh upon it; also some discussion of the poems Aonair duit a Bhriain Bhanba attributed to Muireadhach Albanach Ó Dálaigh, and Abair riomh a Éire a ógh.