Mac Cárthaigh (Críostóir) (ed.), Whelan (Kevin) (ed.): New survey of Clare Island. Volume. 1: History and cultural landscape / edited by Críostóir Mac Cárthaigh and Kevin Whelan.
Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 1999. viii + 151 pp.
Ó Muraíle (Nollaig): The place-names of Clare Island.
In New survey of Clare Island 1 (1999), pp. 99–141.
1. Historical attestations of the name Cliara/Clare Island; 2. The first list of Clare Island toponyms: from William Bald’s Map of the maritime County Mayo (surveyed 1809-16); 3. Clare Island microtoponyms recorded by the Ordnance Survey c. 1838; 4. MacNeill’s survey of Clare Island toponymy, 1910, revised and updated with material from the resurvey of 1996; 5. Place-names not recorded by MacNeill that were found in the resurvey of 1996. Appendix I: Surnames of Clare Island 1858, 1913 and 1983–4; Appendix II: A selection of pertinent observations from MacNeill, Place-names and family names, 1–15. With phonetic transcriptions, maps.