Breatnach (Liam) (ed.): Córus bésgnai: an Old Irish law tract on the church and society / edited by Liam Breatnach.
EIL, 7. Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 2017. xii + 346 pp.
Edition based on the four primary witnesses: H 2. 15a (= A), H 3. 17 (= B), H 3. 18 (= C), Rawl. B 506 (= D).

1. Introduction; 2. Normalized OIr. text without glosses; with English translation and notes; 3. Diplomatic edition of A (complete text, glosses, commentary) with English translation and notes; 4. Text of B (text and commentary, incomplete) with English translation and notes; 5. Text of C (Old Irish glossing); 6. Text of D (late MIr. or EModIr. revision of commentary). Bibliography, Indexes.

In Appendices: 1. Orthography and edition; 2. Extracts in O’Davoren’s Glossary and Digests B and C; 3. Cor dá ṡochonn; 4. The order of the extracts in MCSM; 5. Corrigenda to CIH; 6. Tracts of Senchas már.



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