Ríocht na Midhe: records of the Meath Archaeological and Historical Society 21 (2010)
Meath Archaeological and Historical Society
Wadden (Patrick): The first English invasion: Irish responses to the Northumbrian attack on Brega, 684.
In RíM 21 (2010), pp. 1–33.

French (Noel E.): Derivation of townland names in Trim civil parish.
In RíM 21 (2010), pp. 34–64.

Ó Háinle (Cathal): My father and Ballinahown folklore.
In RíM 21 (2010), pp. 260–299; 22 (2011), pp. 212-265.
An edition of the ‘Ballinahown Collection of folklore’, collected 1937-1938 (as part of Schools’ Folklore Scheme), by pupils of the Ballynahown primary school, Co. Westmeath, under the direction of teacher Tomás S. Ó hAinlighe. Includes: §8. Irish words and phrases in use; §9. Placenames. With notes on sources and commentary.