Hayden (Deborah) (ed.), Russell (Paul) (ed.): Grammatica, gramadach and gramadeg: vernacular grammar and grammarians in medieval Ireland and Wales / edited by Deborah Hayden, Paul Russell.
SHLS, 125. Amsterdam: John Benjamins, 2016. xvi + 226 pp.
Papers arising from a workshop held in Oxford, April 2013.

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Boyle (Elizabeth): Allegory, the áes dána and the liberal arts in medieval Irish literature.
In Grammatica, gramadach and gramadeg (2016), pp. 11–34.

Hayden (Deborah): Cryptography and the alphabet in the Book of Ádhamh Ó Cianáin.
In Grammatica, gramadach and gramadeg (2016), pp. 35–64.
Examines two items in the second half of ‘The Ó Cianáin Miscellany’ (NLI G 2-3): 1. a marginal quatrain in cypher, beg. Dobithir dael dath abra; 2. a list of numerical values for the letters of the alphabet. In Appendix: edition of a poem on the numerical values of the letters, beg. A áos cumtha éstigh. From BL Additional 30512; transcription, restored text, English transl., textual notes.

Poppe (Erich): Caide máthair bréithre ‘what is the mother of a word’: thinking about words in medieval Ireland.
In Grammatica, gramadach and gramadeg (2016), pp. 65–84.
Examines the medieval Irish scholars’ conceptualization and terminology of the ‘word’ as a grammatical unit, drawing upon evidence from the tracts Dliged sésa a huraicept na mac sésa and Auraicept na n-éces.

Lambert (Pierre-Yves): The expression of “sense, meaning, signification” in the Old Irish glosses, and particularly in the Milan and Saint Gall glosses.
In Grammatica, gramadach and gramadeg (2016), pp. 85–100.
Discusses the use and meaning of OIr. terms for semantic concepts, such as séis, sians/séns, intliucht, cíall, and inne.

Ahlqvist (Anders): The verbal paradigms in Auraicept na n-éces.
In Grammatica, gramadach and gramadeg (2016), pp. 101–112.
Offers an account of the manuscript tradition of the two OIr. verbal paradigms therein (Calder 1917 ll. 650-655 and 3353-3357), as well as some comments on its possible sources.

Breatnach (Liam): The glossing of the early Irish law tracts.
In Grammatica, gramadach and gramadeg (2016), pp. 113–132.
Examines the various types of glossing and commentary found in early Irish legal texts and discusses how these were read, interpreted and analysed, with particular attention to etymological glossing, the use of glosses in conjunction to the main text, and the compilation of digests.