Ó Concheanainn (Tomás): A feature of the poetry of Fearghal Óg Mac an Bhaird.
In Éigse 15/3 (Samhradh 1974), pp. 235–251.
On Fearghal Óg’s use of supplementary stanzas in some of a his poems in honour of Mág Aonghusa (= Aodh mac Domhnaill ob. 1595) of Uíbh Eathach, Conn Ó Ruairc (ob. 1577) and St Peter. Incl. section on ‘names, place-names and poetic titles’, e.g. Conn Cruachan, Conn Aolmhuighe, Conn Calraighe; Mág Aonghusa, Clann Rosa, Clár Rosa. Also incl. app. on: 1. the date of Fearghal óg’s visit to Scotland (between 1577 and 1591 ?); 2. the Rev. John Beaton’s ‘Broad Book’ (= MS NLS [Adv.] 72.1.1 (2nd part)), whose last folio contains a sample of writing by Fearghal Óg; ‘Broad Book’ is of North-Connacht provenance and was written by Adhamh Ó Cuirnín: cf. T. Ó Cocheanainn, in Ériu 26 (1975) 99–101.



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