Ó Háinle (Cathal): Three apologues and In cath catharda.
In Ériu 65 (2015), pp. 87–126.
Provides an edition of three seventeenth-century apologues based on events of the Roman civil war: 1. qq. 22-31 of Rug cosnamh ar chrích Midhe (text from RIA A v 2); 2. qq. 26-39 of Cóir súil re seasamh Gaoidheal (text from TCD H 6. 7); 3. qq. 15-26 of A Thoirdhealbhaigh, turn th’aigneadh by Fear Flatha Ó Gnímh (text based on TCD H 5. 6). Standardized text, English translation, notes, and discussion of each apologue in the context of the poem in which it occurs.



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