Ériu: founded as the journal of the School of Irish Learning devoted to Irish philology and literature 65 (2015)
Royal Irish Academy
Rev. by
Pierre-Yves Lambert, in ÉtC 42 (2016), 288-289.
Hoyne (Mícheál): Imtheacht an dá nónmhar agus tóraigheacht taise taoibhghile: an Early Modern Irish exemplary tale.
In Ériu 65 (2015), pp. 1–47.

Barnes (Timothy G.): Old Irish cuire, its congeners, and the ending of the 2nd sg. middle imperative.
In Ériu 65 (2015), pp. 49–56.

Mac Cárthaigh (Eoin): Gofraidh Óg Mac an Bhaird cecinit: 1. Deireadh flaithis ag féin Gall.
In Ériu 65 (2015), pp. 57–86.
A poem in praise of An Calbhach Ruadh son of Maghnas son of Conn Óg son of Conn Ó Domhnaill and his wife, Eibhilín, daughter of Uaitéar Mac Suibhne. 46 qq., from NLI G 167; with Introduction, Linguistic and Metrical analyses, English translation, Textual notes.

Ó Háinle (Cathal): Three apologues and In cath catharda.
In Ériu 65 (2015), pp. 87–126.
Provides an edition of three seventeenth-century apologues based on events of the Roman civil war: 1. qq. 22-31 of Rug cosnamh ar chrích Midhe (text from RIA A v 2); 2. qq. 26-39 of Cóir súil re seasamh Gaoidheal (text from TCD H 6. 7); 3. qq. 15-26 of A Thoirdhealbhaigh, turn th’aigneadh by Fear Flatha Ó Gnímh (text based on TCD H 5. 6). Standardized text, English translation, notes, and discussion of each apologue in the context of the poem in which it occurs.

Uhlich (Jürgen): Two unrecognised Philargyrius glosses.
In Ériu 65 (2015), pp. 127–136.
dus gl. ilice; *suind [MS sum/sunt] gl. fontes. Includes an excursus on scribal Latinization of Irish words.

McManus (Damian): Celebrating the female in Classical Irish poetry: the wife.
In Ériu 65 (2015), pp. 137–168.
Examines how the patron’s wife is referred to or addressed in Classical poetry and surveys the qualities most frequently praised in the iargcomhairc addressed to her.

Kobel (Chantal): Varia: I. The use of an overt subject with a third-person verb + nota augens.
In Ériu 65 (2015), pp. 169–173.

McManus (Damian): Varia: II. IGT/BST citations: further identifications.
In Ériu 65 (2015), p. 175.

McManus (Damian): Varia: III. Some corrigenda to A Bardic miscellany.
In Ériu 65 (2015), pp. 177–178.