Studia Hibernica 41 (2015)
Coláiste Phádraig
Pettit (Edward): Cú Chulainn’s gae bolga: from harpoon to stingray-spear.
In StH 41 (2015), pp. 9–48.

Sharpe (Richard): Medieval manuscripts found at Bonamargy friary and other hidden manuscripts.
In StH 41 (2015), pp. 49–85.
Also on the accounts of the finding of various other Irish MSS: the Book of Lismore, the Book of Dimma, the Stowe Missal, BL Add. 11809, and the lost Book of Clonenagh.

Doyle (Aidan) (revr.): The ‘decline’ of the Irish language in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries: a new interpretation.
In StH 41 (2015), pp. 165–176.
Review article of: An Irish-speaking island: state, religion, community, and the linguistic landscape in Ireland, 1770–1870, by Nicholas M. Wolf (Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin Press, 2014).

Wooding (Jonathan M.) (revr.): Irish manuscripts in facsimile: The Schaffhausen Adomnán.
In StH 41 (2015), pp. 177–188.
Review article of: The Schaffhausen Adomnán, ed. by Damian Bracken and Eric Graff (Cork: UCC, 2008–2014).