Herbert (Máire): Some Irish prognostications.
In Éigse 14/4 (Geimhreadh, 1972), pp. 303–318.
Irish prognostications from thunder (§§[1.]–[6.]) and from the howling of dogs (§[7.]). [1.] Poem beg. Torann Domhnaigh créd fatá, ed. from Laud Misc. 615 and TCD H 4. 22; [2.] Text beg. Torann Domhnaig do-fóirne díghbhail for chleirchibh, ed. from NLI G 1; [3.] Text beg. Tóirneach an Luain, bás ban, ed. from RIA 23 M 30; [4.] Text beg. Torann Enair sidh sainemail, ed. from TCD H 4. 22; [5.] Text beg. Gaoth mor ocus toirneach isin mí so, ed. from Edinburgh Laing 21; [6.] text beg. Da ti toirneach a mi Ianuarius, ed. from RIA 23 O 57 (and RIA C iv 2); [7.] Poem beg. Donál chon cenduigh co cert, ed. from Laud Misc. 615 (and NLS Advocates’ 72.1.41 and Egerton 158). All texts with English translation and notes.



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