Ó Cuív (Brian): Modern Irish srúill.
In Éigse 14/3 (Samhradh, 1972), pp. 241–244.
Srúill ‘stream, etc.' < sriobhall < sriobh; sruthlú ‘rinse’ < sruth ‘stream’. ScG sruthladh (vn), sruthlach (adj.) ‘rinsing’ and ‘violent motion of the sea’; ScG srùlach (adj.) ‘flowing, etc.', srù(th)lag, sruthlag ‘rivulet’, s(t)rùladh ‘swell of sea’; sru- < sruth; srù- most likely derive from sriobhall but with possible phonetic and semantic contamination between both sets of forms. Shrule in Ir pl.ns < srúill < sriobha(i)ll or possibly < sruthail < sruthair ‘stream’.



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