Ó Riain (Pádraig): A study of the Irish legend of the wild man.
In Éigse 14/3 (Samhradh, 1972), pp. 179–206.
1. Introduction; 2. The characteristics of madness; 3. A tale of the novice; 4. The curse of a sacerdos; 5. A battlefield experience; 6. The consumption of contaminated food or drink; 7. The loss of a lover; 8. The madman takes to the wilderness; 9. The madman perches on trees; 10. The madman levitates or performs great leaps; 11. The madman is very swift; 12. The madman is restless and travels great distances; 13. The madman experiences hallucinations; 14. The madman collects firewood and goes about naked; 15. The madman observes a specialdiet; 16. The act of coition; 17. The intervention of a sacerdos; 18. Conclusions: geltacht is a sub-theme of the parent theme of the novitiate. Cf. P. Ó Riain, Boundary association in early Irish society, StC 7 (1972), pp. 12–29.



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